We serve buddhist temple cuisine.
We use absolutely no meat or fish in any of our food. (Our sauces and stocks are also vegetable-only.)
Our cafe is vegan, macrobiotic, and vegetarian friendly.

What is "Shojin Ryouri"?
It is Japanese buddhist temple cuisine. In buddhism, killing is forbidden, so the monks created their own special cuisine using only vegetables, beans, and grains.
In our cafe, we prepare our food in the same traditional temple way.

ShoujinRyouri is aii OK!!


ZEN Meal Menu
We have the nine-course set which includes all nine side dishes, or the three-course set, which allows you to select three dishes.

Please order more than one order per person(except 7years old younger).
Please order one drink(except weekday lunchtime).

1,SHOJIN plate 980yen(in TAX)
Weekday Lunch Only

For the three-course set, please select one from the top shelf, and two from the bottom shelf.
SHOJIN plate have White rice and Miso soup.

2、SHOJIN plate 1,280yen(in TAX)
Weekday dinnr &Holyday

For the four-course set, please select one from the top shelf, and 3 from the bottom shelf.
SHOJIN plate have White rice and Miso soup.

3SpeshalSHOJIN plate(Kohuku plate) 1,530yen(in TAX)

Kohuku plate have all side dishes in the display,
And this plate have White rice and Miso soup.

・White rice →AZUKI Brown rice +200yen


Soft drink

Kuzu leaf tea 580yen
Olive tea 580yen
Japanese medicinal herb tea 550yen
Safflower&ginseng herb tea 550yen
Indian medicinal herb tea 550yen
Organic rooibos tea 500yen
Ryokucha(green tea) 540yen
Hojicha(roasted green tea) 540yen

Smoothie 680yen
Organic ginger ale 580yen
Organic grape soda 580yen
Organic apple juice 580yen
Organic peach juice 580yen
Organic Japanese orange juice 480yen
FUJI bottled water 300yen
sparkling bottled water 350yen

Turmeric soy latte 680yen
Green tea soy latte with black sugar 680yen
Organic grain cofee soy latte 600yen
Organic grain cofee 430yen
Hot water 400yen

Amazake(fermented rice drink,sweet)
Cold or Hot 480yen
Sparkling 680yen
Vegan ice shake 700yen
My gurt(fermented rice drink,sour)
Cold or Hot 580yen
Sparkling 780yen
Vegan ice shake 800yen

COBON(yeast drink.sweet orange flavor)
Hot 580yen
Sparkling 680yen
extra Shot 280yen

Vinegar drink(using seasonal fruit)
Hot 580yen
Sparkling 680yen


Heartland Beer(bottled,small) 530yen
Heartland Beer(bottled,large) 700yen
Japanese sake
Hakuro-pure rice- (180ml) 750yen
WaraiKamo-pure rice- (180ml) 750yen

Japanese plum liquor
Sanshu plum liquor(on the rock) 650yen
Sanshu plum liquor(with soda) 700yen

Hakurobai -Edo era style-(on the rock) 650yen
Hakurobai -Edo era style-(with soda) 700yen


Homemade Zenzai (Sweet Red Bean Soup) ¥580
Homemade red bean jam served on our special tofu shiratama (white pearl dumplings). Served with cool soymilk and water. Enjoy it with black sugar nectar, to your preference.

Homemade Anmitsu. ¥580
Traditional japanese dessert of red bean jam and fruit, mixed with black sugar nectar.

精進パフェ 大(large) ¥850 小(small) ¥580
Enlightenment Parfait
Dairy-free sesame ice cream served on japanese millet, with our homemade red bean jam and tofu shiratama (white pearl dumplings). Your choice of white or black sesame.

Komaki shokudou is pleased to announce the launch of English Buddhist temple cuisine cooking lessons.

Our classes will be held at our restaurant in Akihabara, and we will cover :

the background of Buddhist temple cuisine
the ingredients that are integral to Buddhist temple cuisine
how to prepare vegetarian stocks(dashi) that are essential to prepare this type of cuisine

Participants will get the opportunity to cook two tasty seasonal vegetable dishes. At the end of the class we will all sit down and share what we have cooked. Miso soup and an additional vegetable dish will be provided during the meal.

The classes will last for approximately two hours and will cost 5000 JPY per person

For more information on dates of forthcoming classes please send an email to @

We look forward to cooking with you





日時 : 随時2時間程度(試食含む)

料金 : 5000円

お問い合わせ: @
cooking class


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